An effective knowledge management system results in enhanced average handling time

Improvement in achieving the average handling time target
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Enhancement in reaching the quality assurance target
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The Challenge

To enhance customer service, it’s essential for associates to have access to the latest policies and information. Yet, the fraud and prepaid customer service teams at a financial services firm with a nationwide presence faced challenges in accessing the necessary information during customer interactions. They were required to sift through various platforms, complicating the search for updated data. This situation resulted in extended handling times and a disappointing experience for both customers and employees.


Our Solutions

As an established partner, Gatestone recognized the obstacles encountered by the fraud and prepaid customer service teams and proactively proposed a solution. After assessing the teams’ approaches to learning and knowledge management, we suggested the introduction of a knowledge management system to act as the definitive source of information for the teams.

The Gatestone Learning and Performance (L&P) team engaged in research and needs analysis to better understand the existing situation and to devise an effective strategy for the new knowledge management system. To meet the requirements of training and operations, the L&P team undertook the following actions:

  • Consolidated and organized knowledge articles from various sources into a structured platform.
  • Arranged content into concise, customized segments to enhance the user experience.
  • Included screenshots and images to accommodate visual learners.
  • Simplified the procedures for content requests and updates within the knowledge base.
  • Organized documents and stored articles in clearly labeled folders for easy retrieval.
  • Implemented key search terms and phrases to help users quickly find documents tailored to customer needs.
  • Utilized the social features of the knowledge base, enabling end-users to like, rate, and comment on articles.
  • Revised call and workflow procedures, which improved the knowledge base’s alignment with key performance indicators (KPIs) through timely and pertinent content and a better user experience.
  • Phased out obsolete content by archiving documents no longer in use.
  • Both new hires in training and existing agents were granted access to this newly implemented knowledge management system.


The Results

Launched in January 2023, the new knowledge management system developed by Gatestone significantly enhanced the performance of associates by being reliable, up-to-date, and user-friendly.

The revisions to call and workflow processes streamlined the resolution process, allowing associates to more easily provide accurate solutions to customer concerns. The reduction in reference documents, efficient categorization of documents for easier searching, and the integration of targeted keyword searches enabled associates to find necessary information swiftly.

In particular, associates met their average handle time (AHT) target of under 240 seconds among other objectives. From January to May, there was a 5% improvement in AHT relative to the goal, marking the best AHT performance since the system’s inception.

From January through September, the quality assurance (QA) score relative to the target improved by 13. Although the QA score was already surpassing the target in January, further improvements were seen after the new system was implemented. This demonstrated that while maintaining a low AHT, the associates could still uphold high-quality service, with an average percentage to the goal of 103.2%.