Mortgage Leads

Following the successful implementation of an outbound campaign for a prominent US-based financial institution, Gatestone approached a leading Canadian Financial Institution and suggested adopting a similar program to enhance their mortgage lead generation. Consequently, this program has become the most effective lead-generation strategy the financial institution has employed in recent years, outperforming previous efforts by a significant margin.


Gatestone collaborated with Financial Institution A to design a customized outbound campaign that harnessed Gatestone’s omnichannel and AI technology. This cutting-edge approach involved refining messaging and language to initiate targeted outreach to a select group of over 15,000 potential customers. These carefully chosen clients were initially engaged by Gatestone’s associates, who provided valuable insights into their mortgage options and assisted with preliminary documentation.


Customers who demonstrated a strong interest in the mortgage products were seamlessly transferred to the financial institution’s seasoned professionals, leading to a remarkable 45% increase in conversion rates. The streamlined process allowed Financial Institution A to minimize the administrative burden on their staff, enabling them to focus on catering to qualified customers seeking financing solutions. 


As a result, all key performance indicators, including conversion rates, experienced a substantial boost when compared to the results achieved through the financial institution’s internal efforts.

Overall, Gatestone’s tailored outbound campaign has significantly improved Financial Institution A’s lead generation and conversion process, resulting in increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, and business growth.