Smart automation cuts down on call forwarding by 98%

Reduction in calls requiring transfer
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Decrease in data conversion time
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Reduction in average handling time
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The Challenge


A grocery home delivery retailer faced difficulties in efficiently answering customer inquiries about expiration dates.


Their frozen food products did not display expiration dates, but rather codes on the packaging which customers found confusing. Consequently, customers needing expiration date information had to contact customer support, where associates manually determined the packaging date and shelf life of items to calculate expiration dates using a calendar.


This process was not only repetitive and tedious but also prone to error as some associates struggled with the correct calculations. This led to increased average handle times and often incorrect information being given. Moreover, numerous calls had to be escalated to the product quality team for further assistance.


The Solution


Gatestone’s Learning and Development Enablement Team analyzed the obstacles in both customer and associate experiences and implemented a technological solution to enhance the company’s knowledge management.


This tool automated the calculation of expiration dates and swiftly provided this information to associates. It generated expiration dates for each product based on its packaging date and automatically updated this information in a database used by associates during customer interactions.


Collaborating closely with the company, we identified the most suitable technology, developed a prototype, and created mockups to show how it would streamline associate workflows and enhance the customer experience. Gatestone managed the tool’s product testing and deployment, and monitored its usage to ensure quality.


The Results


This innovation significantly sped up customer service processes. The time associates spent determining expiration dates decreased by 96%, from 120 seconds per customer to just 4.5 seconds.


Additionally, the need for call transfers to the product quality department dropped by 98% over four months, from 1,787 in May to only 26 in September, while average handle time saw a reduction of 10 seconds.