Wellness company overcomes seasonal peak, and reduces backlog with Gatestone assistance

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The Challenge


A wellness platform offering corporate employees discounted access to a network of fitness gyms and apps faced difficulty managing seasonal demand spikes.


Each year around New Year’s Day, as many made resolutions to better their health, there was a significant increase in customer interactions primarily through email and chat.


This influx of both new and existing customers inquiring about account setup and management overwhelmed the small, U.S.-based customer support team, resulting in backlogs and poor customer experiences.


The Solution


To address the increased demand, we rapidly assembled a team of offshore Gatestone associates. They were trained in early December and were operational by New Year’s Day.


The team managed customer inquiries across multiple channels, including chat, email, web forms, social media, and phone. Initially starting with 16 full-time equivalent (FTE) associates, the team expanded to 38 FTEs to better support the client’s U.S. customers. Following this success, Gatestone associates also handled other volume spikes for the company as they occurred throughout the year.


Additionally, we introduced proactive measures to enhance the customer journey, such as streamlining the account registration process, enhancing the integration of customer data within the company’s app, and implementing a call-back process to expedite inquiry resolutions.


The Results


Our interventions resulted in consistently high customer satisfaction ratings, exceeding 85%. We significantly reduced the backlog of inquiries and achieved a 90% response rate to all inquiries, meeting the target benchmark. This shift to offshore customer support also resulted in cost savings for the client.


The client has been so satisfied with the outcomes that we are now exploring opportunities to broaden our partnership, including the potential to support customers outside the United States. We continue to provide ongoing advice on process enhancements to further improve both the customer and associate experience.