Transform service interactions into sales opportunities by presenting timely, relevant offers

Exceptional service creates exceptional sales opportunities


The service-to-sales approach offers a strategy to boost revenue and reduce costs in engagement centers without compromising the customer experience. Every day, support associates handle millions of interactions, presenting a chance to enhance customer value with targeted product or service recommendations. Progressive companies can augment customer lifetime value by seamlessly transitioning from care discussions to sales-support experiences that generate revenue, thanks to personalized interactions that elevate customer satisfaction. Our experts in service to sales will guide you in utilizing sophisticated sales analytics to assess a customer’s purchasing likelihood. We also provide services to reduce customer turnover with automated journey management tools, tailor services to meet immediate customer demands, and enhance top-line revenue through increased earnings per interaction and cross-selling.

Most customer service conversations can potentially lead to a sales opportunity. However, opportunities vary in quality, and an ill-timed sales pitch can lead to a negative experience. AI-driven conversational and behavioral intelligence lays the groundwork for personalized insights, enabling the initiation of sales conversations during service interactions based on value, not pressure, ensuring that sales follow organically.

Service to Sales Solutions

Empower sales and service teams to transform every customer interaction into a growth opportunity.

Ready-to-Implement Operational Model

Utilize training, coaching, and reporting to transform care associates into exceptional “super-care” associates.


Service to Sales Technology

Employ AI to forecast the likelihood of a customer making a purchase, and determine the optimal product and timing for sales through automated, personalized interactions.


Cross-Selling & Upselling

Boost the lifetime value and incremental revenue of your customers by customizing offers that not only complement their needs but also enhance their satisfaction and foster greater loyalty.

Next Best Action

Utilize our analytics engine to specifically tailor each offer to the unique circumstances of every customer, based on their past purchases or behaviors.


Real-Time Dynamics

Refine your pitch using dynamic scripting that integrates sentiment and speech analysis, equipping your team with the appropriate responses for various situations.

Inside Sales as a Service

Our outsourced sales teams leverage cutting-edge marketing, sales, and automation technologies to help you acquire customers, enhance customer loyalty, and boost customer lifetime value.

Integrated Approach to Creating a High-Performing Service to Sales Culture

Customized Solutions

    • Operational assessment specific to Service to Sales
    • Solutions designed for the customer journey
    • Flexible platform integration


Talent Acquisition

    • Validation interviews to confirm operational fit
    • Adoption of industry best practices for defining job profiles



    • Exclusive Service to Sales training programs
    • Certification in Service to Sales techniques
    • Diverse and simulated learning experiences
    • Ongoing educational opportunities


Performance Management

    • Predictive analytics tailored to Service to Sales
    • Circle coaching methods
    • Adaptive coaching styles
    • Advanced reporting tools
    • Comprehensive balanced scorecard approach

Technology & Analytics

    • Customer experience engagement management platform
    • Monitoring tools for customer health
    • Predictive analytics for determining the next best action or offer
    • Advanced speech analytics capabilities


Rewards & Recognition

    • Performance-based variable pay
    • Formal recognition programs


Scalable Sales Processes

    • Comprehensive Service to Sales playbook
    • Regular site evaluations
    • Structured governance
    • Commitment to continuous process improvement

Transformations with a Service to Sales Tech Solution

Traditional Service Challenges

  • Limited understanding of customer health.
  • Inability to personalize offers using data insights.
  • Restricted capability to predict customer needs and desires.
  • Lack of formal training in consultative selling techniques.
  • Inability to target high-value customers or those likely to generate revenue through inbound interactions.
  • Efforts primarily focus on retaining customers intending to cancel services.


Gatestone’s Service to Sales Enhancements

  • Analytics-driven support to deliver the optimal offer at the right moment.
  • Predictive offerings designed to improve customer experience and increase customer satisfaction scores.
  • Emphasis on enhancing Net Promoter Score (NPS)/Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and maximizing customer lifetime value.
  • A Balanced Scorecard that integrates customer experience metrics with revenue data.
  • Leadership and team members receive training and coaching to boost customer experience through effective service and sales techniques.
  • Monitoring of customer health to strategically manage customer lifetime value and public perception of the brand.
  • Implementation of automated customer success strategies to strengthen brand value.
  • Increase in high-value inbound customer interactions.
  • Enhanced customer retention and brand loyalty through proactive churn detection and intervention.

The expertise, methodologies, and technologies necessary to enhance your contact centers and elevate customer experiences

increase in revenue per agent, accompanied by a 3-point rise in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
0 %
growth in revenue per chat along with an 18% improvement in Net Promoter Score (NPS)
0 %
boost in sales, achieving a top 5-star rating among contact center partners
0 %