Leveraging Services for Enhanced Performance in the Insurance Sector

Company Overview


An insurance company partnered with Gatestone to enhance its sales operations and customer service quality. The collaboration focused on boosting revenue and improving service by leveraging Gatestone’s expertise in managing and optimizing sales teams.




The primary goals for the collaboration included:

  • Increasing monthly sales revenue.
  • Enhancing the quality of customer interactions and satisfaction.
  • Ensuring high levels of adherence to predefined operational standards.




Gatestone deployed a dedicated team focused on insurance products. These agents received extensive training in product knowledge, sales techniques, and customer engagement strategies to maximize performance.


Results Achieved


Sales Performance

  • The team achieved impressive sales results for the month, significantly exceeding the established sales targets.
  • Exceptional sales performance was noted, with a significant percentage of the team surpassing rigorous sales benchmarks.


Quality Assurance

  • All agents achieved a quality goal of 90%, indicating a high level of customer interaction and satisfaction.
  • The top performer reached a quality score of 98%, reflecting exceptional service and commitment.


Adherence to Standards

  • The team exhibited flawless adherence, with many achieving a perfect score of 100%.


Additional Achievements

  • An impressive 42% of the team exceeded their sales targets, significantly higher than the industry average.
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of the Gatestone-trained team were demonstrated by securing a substantial percentage of total sales with a smaller team proportion.



The partnership with Gatestone enabled the insurance company to meet and exceed its ambitious goals. The integration of specialized BPO services translated into superior sales performance, impeccable service quality, and strict adherence to operational standards, establishing a new benchmark for excellence in the insurance industry. This case highlights the transformative potential of strategic BPO partnerships in achieving remarkable business outcomes.