Intelligent Automation Streamlines Home buying Experience

Time Reduction in Sales Processes
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Increase in Units Booked
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The Challenge


A government housing ministry was running a program to sell homes to citizens while assisting them with banking for their loans. The process was hindered by poorly documented procedures, difficulties in tracking information, diverse booking systems, and the necessity for multiple in-person visits, all contributing to a disjointed customer experience that complicated the completion of sales. This inefficiency led to prolonged waiting times and numerous cancellations.


The ministry sought to enhance the buyer’s experience by simplifying the sales cycle and maintaining continuous communication throughout the transaction. They needed a partner capable of integrating various communication channels, agents, and processes into a seamless journey.


Our Solution


We employed robotic desktop automation (RDA) to consolidate five different sales applications onto a single screen accessible to sales agents. This integration enabled agents to manage appointment confirmations, house selections, payments, and customer document uploads efficiently without the need to toggle between multiple screens.


Additionally, we developed a web-based case management platform utilized by real estate developers to view appointment details ahead of potential buyer visits. This platform was also accessed by banks to coordinate follow-ups with customers regarding their loans.


These innovations provided the client with comprehensive access to reports and dashboards, enhancing visibility across the entire sales funnel and improving coordination with banking and development partners.


The Results


 The ministry observed remarkable improvements in the efficiency of sales and an increase in the number of units sold. The sales process time was reduced by 80%, from two days to less than 10 hours. Moreover, there was a 26% increase in the number of units booked. Homebuyers expressed satisfaction with the simplified and convenient process, which allowed them to select and secure a home easily, bolstered by regular updates from the client on booking and banking procedures.


The client now benefits from enhanced oversight of the customer experience, ensuring no sales opportunities are missed due to poor coordination between different departments and systems.